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The present Tickhill Methodist Church was built in 1837 but the history of Methodism in Tickhill goes much further back.  A Licence was granted to Thomas Hickson in 1776 to use his house at 81 Doncaster Road, as a place of public worship.  This soon became too small to hold the number of people and a new chapel was built in 1817, on the corner of Mangham Lane and St. Mary’s Road as we now know them.  This still exists as a house today.

These premises were used for twenty years, until the congregation again became too large for the building and in 1837 a new chapel was built on our present site in Northgate.  This Chapel continues in use to the present day but in a much reduced size.

In the 1800’s a considerable part of the Methodist work was concentrated on establishing Day Schools for the education of all classes of people.  Tickhill Day School was opened in 1845 to the rear of the Chapel building and is still in use today but not as a school.  We still call it the “Schoolroom” and use it for meetings and social gatherings.

1961 to 1963 saw the major re-building and reconstruction of the Chapel.  The cost of maintaining such a large building was escalating which led to the realisation that a more compact chapel was required to reduce these costs.  This also gave the opportunity to create a more pleasant and modern environment for our services.

Plans were drawn up to reduce the height of the existing chapel to create a single storey building with a lower roof, exterior porch and a different interior layout.  The work was finally completed in 1963.

Later improvements were planned in 1978.  The first stage was to extend and alter the vestries at the rear of the chapel.  This was followed by an extension to the main schoolroom premises in 1984.  During these works, ceiling tiles were replaced in the chapel and a bit of history was revealed.  An inscription was found on the front wall of the original two storey chapel.

Stage three started in 1998 to create a link building between the chapel and the schoolroom to form the present day lounge.  The refurbishment of the schoolroom started in 2000 with the help of National Lottery and trust funding grants.

The Chapel and the schoolroom are now Grade II listed buildings.

These works have left us with a welcoming and flexible building that is used for both Chapel activities and by local groups for a variety of uses.

A Chapel in Northgate.

Impression of the Mangham Lane Meeting Place.

The Date Stone from the original Chapel

Original 1837 Chapel

Chapel as it is today.

Copy of the original inscription.

Mrs Alice Curry

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