Tickhill Methodist Church

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Mrs Alice Curry

A message from our Pastor

April 2020

Dear friends

There are three stories in the bible, which follow the story of Easter Day and the resurrection of Jesus, that I take great comfort from in these fearful and dislocated times.  The first is the story of Jesus’s followers huddled together behind locked doors, afraid to go out into a world which has changed for them, literally overnight.  The second is the story of two friends talking together as they walked, trying to make sense of all that had happened to turn their world on its head.  The third is of another group of friends who, lost and alone on the seashore, retreat into old ways and unfulfilling patterns of living.

It took Jesus’ resurrected companionship in each situation, his presence, his conversation, his guidance, to reassure his lost and directionless friends of his continuing support, love and presence.  This alone gave them the confidence and courage to move forward in their lives, following all they had learn from him, their teacher and friend, their Lord and Saviour.  

From that most unpromising start began the Christian Church, of which, many of us are a part of today.  For Jesus has never left his friends and is present today in our communities and their response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Though our church buildings are closed, the work of the church continues as strongly as ever.  We continue to love and care and pray for each other.  We have found new ways of keeping in touch.  We still worship together but apart on a Sunday.  We care for the most vulnerable in our world by increasing our charitable giving as individuals and a church.  We can attest to how our faith supports us at this difficult time.  But above all else we are here if you need us.  This time will pass, but until then and we meet again, I wish you well, in body, mind and spirit.

God bless you and keep you.

Alice Curry.

Pastor of Tickhill, Harworth and Bawtry Methodist Churches.

If you would like to read the stories mentioned at the start of this letter you will find them in the Gospel of John, chapters 20 and 21 and the Gospel of Luke, chapter 24.