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Mrs Alice Curry

A message from our Pastor

November 2019

Dear friends

This is how I explain Halloween to children:

I say 'Before there was Christmas trees and sparkly snow scenes and surprise presents' - There was a baby in a stable.

(I say the words very slowly and clearly and place a bauble, a snowflake, a brightly wrapped box and a nativity scene slowly and deliberately on the table before them, giving them space to make the connection.)

Then I say, 'Before pumpkins and dressing up and tricks and treats' and place a pumpkin, mask and Halloween mega bucket of sweets on the table.  There was a time of remembering ..... '

And this is true.  Halloween - All Hallows E'en (Eve.) All Hallows?  Yes, you have heard the word before, elsewhere.  It is part of the prayer that Jesus taught his followers, which we know as the Lord's Prayer or the Our Father... 'Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name' – blessed  be thy name.

All Hallows, a blessed time.  For this is the time in the churches year when we remember the dead; the saints and martyrs and all the faithful departed.  The inhabitants of heaven. The blessed ones.  In all our local churches there will be times throughout this season when we remember our dear departed loved ones and also those who gave their lives for the greater good in the two world wars and in other conflicts since.  You would be warmly welcomed if you would care to join us.  It is a time for remembering.

Because this is a holy season it is important that we mark and celebrate it. We must attend to our internal spiritual life.  We must make time for remembrance and thanksgiving and those echoes of grief that never leaves us.  For to acknowledge these bittersweet times is part of what it is that makes us human.  In the quiet, the stillness, the darkness, at the end and the new beginning it is good to say some prayers, to light a candle, to thank God for all his mercies (and share the trick or treat mega bucket of jelly bats, chocolate eyeballs etc.).

May God bless you and keep you.

Alice Curry.

Pastor of Tickhill, Harworth and Bawtry Methodist Churches.