Tickhill Methodist Church

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Mrs Alice Curry

A message from our Pastor

February 2020

Dear friends

‘Longing for light, we wait in darkness.’

How I long for light in these dreary February days where this far north and still so close to the winter solstice it is the time of the shortest days and the longest nights.  Where, to my mind, the darkness clings almost to midday only to return two scant hours later.

‘Longing for light, we wait in darkness.’

Life in the aftermath of the Christmas and New Year festivities feels barren.  The togetherness that seasonal get-togethers, community activities and crowded shops brings drifts away, replaced by the loneliness of long evenings and curtains drawn at four o’ clock.  Biting winds and lashing rain isolates us, darkness imposes its own curfew.  

‘Longing for light, we wait in darkness.’

These are the opening words of a famous and well- loved modern hymn written by the Roman Catholic hymn writer Bernadette Farrell and sums up exactly my feelings at this time of year.

Light can feel as though it has left our world.  And we find ourselves shockingly alone.

‘Christ be our light, shine in our hearts, shine through the darkness.’  

When all else fails, in our darkest hour, we can know that we are not alone.  The God that is there for us knows what it is like to be us.  At Christmas he put aside his divinity and majesty choosing to become human, born into a life of vulnerability, hurt and sorrow just like our own.  His name is Jesus.  This God did not turn away from us despite us making him a scapegoat for all our anger and hatred and disappointment.  He did not turn away from us even when we subjected him to the worst abuse, humiliation and torture we were capable of.  He did not turn away from us and he never will.

If you would like to meet this God, He can be found in the words of the bible, you can speak to him directly (this is called prayer), and you can become one of his group of friends by coming to church.  You would be made very welcome!

‘Christ be our light, shine in your church gathered today.’

And to all us churchgoing folk, we are the means by which Christ makes his presence felt in the world and makes his holy Kingdom known.  In many small ways we are able to bring light into the lives of others.  A visit, a phone call, an invitation round for coffee - a smile in the street, a friendly word in a queue.  February may be the darkest month but we can all play our part to be a light in the darkness.

May God bless you and keep you
May he turn the light of his face towards you and be gracious to you
May he look upon you kindly
And bring you peace.

Alice Curry.

Pastor of Tickhill, Harworth and Bawtry Methodist Churches.